Men's National Level 2 - 9, State Team - Trial 1.

This is the first of 2 rounds that the boys show their stuff, in a chance to be selected for the State Team. Overall the Boys Knox putt in a great performance!

The Level 2 boys put in some good results for round 1;

  • Joshua H 1st rings 2nd pb, HB 4th All-around (AA).
  • Joshua H - 1st on Pommel, placing 5th AA.
  • Anakin VH - 3rd on Vault, 4th on High Bar and 8th AA.
  • Samuel C - Best result was 4th Floor.
  • Owen C - Best result was 5th Rings.
  • Luke S - Best result was 7th Vault.

Our level 3 boys put in a good effort aswell;

  • BradleyB - 1st on Pommel, 3rd on High Bar and 2nd AA.
  • Toby J - 5th on Vault, placing 7th AA.

Congratulation to Blake J (Level 4) who took out 1st place in the All-around with a 1st place on Pommel, Parallel Bars and High Bar, 2nd on Rings and a 3rd on Vault. Timothy W (Level 4) put in a good effort to take out 2nd on Pommel.

Talby D (Level 7) put in a stellar performance to place 1st on Vault, P.Bar and High Bar, 2nd on Rings and 3rd Pommel putting him clear ing to 1st place All-Around.

And lastly another top performer Brayden J (Level 8) who also took out 1st All-Around, with a 1st on P.Bar and high Bar and a 3rd on Pommel.

We wish our Level 10 boys all the best as they head off to the 2nd round of trials this friday 11th at the High Performance Centre.


Aerobics Australian Team Selection!

A huge congratulations goes to Robyn Kalkhoven, one of only 3 Athletes whom have been selected for the Australian Aerobics Team. They will be jetting off in June for the World Championships in Mexico! This prestigious International Event is only held every 2 years.

We wish Robyn the best of luck for her preparation over the next two and a half months.

Congratulations go to both Robyn and her coach Lana, their hard work & dedication has paid off with this incredible selection!


Easter Raffle

We have just drawn our Easter raffle and congratulation to the Winners;
  • 1st - William and Martha Bone
  • 2nd - Agatha and Thora Lestrell
  • 3rd - Phoebe McKenzie
They will be contacted shortly to come claim their prize.


Women's State Team Trial 1 (29th March)

First round of State Team Qualifier's was held on Saturday 29th March at the HPC (Prahran) for the National 7 - 10 girls.

While it was a tough day, Elise H got 10th on Vault, Alysha M picked up 7th on Vault and Stacey J got 3rd on Vault and 6th All-around.


Men's L10 & Senior Senior State Team - Trial 1 (28th March)

This was Bryce H and Caelan B's first competition this year. Both boys competing as Level 10's headed to the HPC (Prahran) with their coach JoJo to give it their best. Bryce's best result was a 5th on Floor, placing him 1th All-round, while Caelan's best was also a 5th but on Vault, putting him 13th All-around.

Reminder that full results from competitions are available on the calendar page.


Men's HPC Invitational Comp Results

Back on 22nd & 23rd March our Level 2 - 7 Boys had their 2nd competition. This time at the High Performance Centre (HPC) - Prahran.

The level 2 boys had some stiff competition, with Anakin V the only one to pick up an apparatus medal, 1st on Horizontal Bar. But the team pulled through to take out 2nd place.

The Level 3's had a great day with Bradley B picking up 1st on H.Bar and Pommel, 3rd on Vault and 2nd All-around. Luke T took out 2nd on the Rings, and Toby J, picked up 2nd on Vault and 3rd on the Pommel.

Blake J in our Level 4's put in a fantastic performance to take home 1st on Pommel and Vault , 2nd on Rings and 2nd All-around. As a Team the Level 4's picked up a respectable 3rd place.

Daniel T (Level 5) had a great day picking up 3rd on Vault, 2nd on Parallel Bars and 2nd All-around.

Talby D put in a winning performance, to haul in 3rd on Rings and Floor, 2nd on H.Bar and Pommel and 1st All-around


Competition Season has started.

We have already had 2 competitions this year. Through the news page you will be able to get an over view of the results, if you want to see full results check out the link in the calendar page.


Women's Judges Invitational

Several of our top national girls competed out at Jets (Diamond Creek) last fortnight. This is their first comp for the year and came back with some great results!

National Level 6
Tayla H - came 2nd All-around.
Jaslyn S - came 25th All-around.

National Level 7
Elise H - came 3rd on Vault and 4th All-around.
Alysha M - came 11th All-around.

National Level 9
Stacey J - came 1st on Uneven Bars and 4th All-around.


Men's Judges Invitational

While the girls were competing over at Jets the boys were getting ready at BTYC (Donvale). This was also their first competition for the season and is also a Levels Test (LAT) for may.

National Level 2 Open
Joshua H - 3rd on Pommel, 2nd on Rings, Parallel Bars and High Bar, to get 1st All-around(AA) & pass his Level.
Owen C - 3rd on Floor and - Passed level.
Samuel W - 1st on Pommel.
Samuel C - Passed level.
Joshua H - Passed level.

Knox Team (Joshua H, Samuel W, Joshua H, Samuel C, Owen C, Anakin V and Luke S) came 2nd.

National Level 3 Open
Bradley B - 1st on Vault & 2nd on Pommel as well as passing his level.
Luke T - 1st on Pommel, 2nd on Vault and 3rd on Rings & P.bars, to get 3rd AA & pass Level.
Toby J - Passed level.

National Level 4 Open
Blake J - 2nd on Pommel & H.Bar, !st on Rings, P.Bars and Floor to take out 1st AA and pass his level.
Troy G - 3rd on H.Bar and passed his level.
Tim W - Passed level.

Knox Team ( Blake, Troy, Tim, Liam K and Darshan V) also came 2nd.

National Level 5 Open
Daniel T & Jasper J both passed their Level.

National Level 7 Open
Talby picked up 3rd on Floor, 2nd on Rings, 1st on Pommel & P.Bars to take Home 1st All-round and pass is Level.

National Level 8 Open
Brayden J - 3rd on Rings & Pommel, 2nd on Vault and P.Bars, 1st on Floor and High Bar, to place 2nd All-round.


New Leotards

Our National 6 to 10 girls trying out their new leotards before their first comp this weekend.


25 Years

The Club would like to thank and congratulate Ting and Sue for 25 years of exceptional service. They have seen the club through its ups and downs and with their un-wavering dedication have supported the Club and gymnasts at all times.

Ting has seen many of his gymnasts strive and succeed at State and National competitions, and has watched others successfully move across to the High Performance Centre and Australian Institute of Sport.

Sue commenced with the Kindergym program and has worked hard to maintain and strengthen the program over the years.

Both Sue and Ting have watched many kids grow up in the Club and move on over the years. It is great to see so many of them now returning to the Club and training in the Adult Program or with their own children to start the next generation of young gymnasts.

We hope that Sue and Ting will remain with the club for many years to come as the Club continues to grow and prosper.


AGM Update!

With the AGM now less than a month away, we want to make sure you have as much information as possible going in. So we have up dated the information provided.

AGM Agenda

Proxy Voting Form


2013 Gymnastics Victoria Awards

Last Saturday (22nd February) was the Gymnastics Victoria Awards Night, held every year to honour outstanding gymnasts from the previous year. Knox had a impressive showing with 7 Gymnasts and Aerobic athletes as nomination finalists (3 top).

- Scott Brooks (International Gymnast)
- Bryce Haesler (International Gymnast)
- Caelan Bacon (Levels Gymnast)
- Brayden James (Levels Gymnast)
- Maddy DiBlasio (Level 6-7 Aerobic athlete)
- Charlotte Roe (Level 8-10 Aerobic athlete)
- Robyn Kalkhoven (Level 8-10 Aerobic athlete)

And several of our gymnasts won their respective categories, congratulations to;

Scott Brooks - 2013 International Gymnast of the Year

Caelan Bacon - 2013 Levels Gymnast of the Year


2014 Club Handbook

This year the Club handbook will be available online to download, this is to make is easily available to everybody and to help reduce our paper consumption.

If you would like a printed copy, you can pick one up at the Customer Service Office.

Download Here


New Competition Dates

We now have the 2014 upcoming competition dates. Competitions for the next 2 month's will be listed to the right.

Each comp should include a link to Gymnastics Victoria Events calendar, which will give you more details about a that competition.

If you want a complete list, go to our NEW Calendar Page.

** Please note: not all gymnasts will compete at all competitions. The choice to enter particular athletes is at the discretion of the class Coach and Head Coach, who will decide if the gymnasts are ready for each competition. This is done in the interests of the individual athletes.


Annual General Meeting

In just over a month's time it will be our 2014 AGM. It will be held on Monday, 24th March at 7:00pm in the Meeting room (adjoining the dance studio) you can enter via the car-park door.

This is your opportunity to participate and have your say in how the Club is managed and it's future direction.

The meeting AGENDA is available to download, this also include details on proxy voting.


Supporting Your Club

Help Us raise Funds

By shopping at any Ritchies Supermarket or Liquor Store, 0.5% of the money you spend will be automatically donated back to the club. When you use your FREE Community Benefits Card every time you shop.

To pick up your FREE Benefits Card or Key Tag speak to a Customer Service Team Member at the Club.


Aerobic Gymnastics - Handbook 2014

Britt Portelli (Program Manager) has finished putting together the 2014 program.

You can check it out here. A fantastic resource!


New Floor

Our old tumble track has been sent to a new home and we have new brand flooring in it's place, this area will now be a multi-purpose area; Recreational vault, Floor or arm-up area.

We have also have some new matting for under the Beams, along with getting several shapes recovered.

The end of last year we were lucky to get hold of some good pieces of foam off-cuts which we're in the process of getting made into new shapes and landing mats.


Welcome Back

It's a new Year so let's get started!

Term One has started for all classes this week! We welcome all are new gymnasts and all our returning gymnasts. If your child is new this Term and are unsure of were they need to go, please see the customer service team before the start of their class and a customer service team member will be able to point out their coach to you.

With so much happening at the start of term the car-park can be a chaotic place, please be careful when moving about in the car-park, make sure to thoroughly check for children. Also children should be dropped off and collected from the gym not the car-park. This is to make sure children come and go in a safe manner.


Term 1 Dates - 2014

Please take note of what class your child is in and what week they start, as different classes start different weeks.

Tuesday 28th January – Competitive classes resume:

  • WAG (Girls) - Development and National 3 upwards.
  • MAG (Boys) - Levels 2 / 3, Levels 3 / 4 and Top.
  • Aero - Levels 1 to International

Monday 3rd February – KinderGym & Recreational classes resume:

  • All KinderGym
  • WAG (Girls) - Level 0 (Prep), 1, 2, 3 and Rec 3-5
  • MAG (Boys) - Level 0 (Prep), 1 and 2.
  • Aero - Level 0.

9-10 weeks
Finishes Saturday 5th April.


Holiday Training.

Our Squad and Senior groups have been back at training nearly 2 weeks now, making sure that they will be ready for the early competition session this year.



Rebel Sport Logo A reminder to everyone, when you visit REBEL Sport Knox, if you mention the club name (Knox Gymnastics Club) at the point of sale, 5% of your sale comes back to the club, this helps to purchase new equipment.

Rebel Sport Knox
Shop 3210, The Loft, Knox City Shopping Centre, Wantirna South.


New Section

With the New Year comes updates. To help maintain the site, and keep the news fresh and fast. We have added an archive page to the site. This will contain all old news posts and dates from previous terms and years.

This is to reduce the amount of current posts on the main page allowing for faster loading time.

The Archive page can be found in the main menu.


Adult Gym

There has been some changes this year to the Adult Gym program.

The Thursday day class will no longer run, but we have added an extra evening class. So classes are now held on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday at the new time of 8:30 to 10:30pm.

Due to an insurance restructure the insurance fees are cheaper this year! And we've introduced a bulk pack which will be a little cheaper for those coming on a regular basis.

There is a Facebook page where you can get all the details of what's happening with the classes; events and activities that happening.


Level 10!

As we mentioned at the end of last year, we had 3 of our senior gymnasts complete their level 10. We though we'd give a look at their posters that will be put up on the wall around the gym.



The Kindergym Timetable has been updated it can be downloaded Download Timetable here. Or from the Programs section of this site.

Upcoming Dates:

Term 1

Finishes - Saturday 5th April.

Men's State Team Trial 2

Date: 11th April 2014
Level: 10 and Senior
Where: HPC (Prahran)
More Details

Women's State Team Trial 2

Date: 11th - 13 April 2014
Level: National 6 only
Where: Jets (Diamond Creek)
More Details

Men's State Team Trial 2

Date: 12th - 13 April 2014
Level: National 2 - 10
Where: BTYC (Donvale)
More Details

Term 2

Starts - Tuesday 22nd April.

Men's BTYC Invitational + LAT

Date: 26th & 27th April 2014
Level: National 2 - 10
Where: BTYC (Donvale)
More Details

We offer Gymnastics for all ages, everything from 18 months in our KinderGym programs where the kids develop motor skills and coordination, through to Recreational and Competitive classes, all the way up to Adult Classes, where they can come and try gymnastics for the first time or for ex-gymnasts wanting to get back into the swing of things. We also offer Aerobic Gymnastics.

Gymsports Available;